About Us


The goal of the North Idaho Endurance is to promote responsible grassroots endurance cycling in, and around Idaho while adding a little friendly competition along the way when we can. 

There are NO fees, NO trophies, but all attempts will be made to record your finish time in comparison to others. Riders goal is to finish the challenge while setting their own pace. A start time and route are provided and it is up to the participant to understand the route, and also have full responsibility for their navigation and well being. These rides vary in difficulty so it is up to you to decide if this ride is within your skill set.  These could be done as solo or group.  Since the events are self-support, it should be understood that it is your responsibility to plan accordingly. If you question your ability to complete such an event, it is best that you consider riding with an experienced veteran or consider these events are not for you.  All, maps, gps devices, water filtration units, and other tools are methods to ensure you complete the race.   Therefore it is up to you – and you alone – to ensure your safety!!  

We recommend that you follow and join the Website/Facebook site for all the updates, maps, and questions. 

If you have interest, come on out and join us, and do your part to contribute to this grassroots effort! 

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